CALL FOR PAPERS: "MASKA" XXIV – The Other, Alien, Stranger

We invite contributors to submit papers for the next issue of the MASKA journal, concerning themes presented below or other connected with such topics as otherness and strangeness.

Only English-language texts will be accepted for this edition.


Deadline: 15 October 2014

Date of issue: 30 December 2014


Papers (20,000-25,000 characters) reviewed by a faculty member with a doctoral degree, with abstract (500-800 characters) attached, can be sent by email to:

Further information and editorial requirements can be found here.


Proposed themes:

- definining otherness, discourses of strangeness/otherness,

- narratives of otherness/strangeness,

- understanding others (in psychological, philosophical, sociological and cultural context),

- belonging/non-belonging,

- discrimination, acceptance, stereotypes,

- migrations, migrants, minorities,

- oucasts, exile, assimilation,

- foreigners as others,

- contacts with different cultures,

- strange places and cultures,

- images of strangeness in literature and arts,

- images of others and aliens in fiction.

Data opublikowania: 07.08.2014
Osoba publikująca: Anna Kuchta