CALL FOR PAPERS: "MASKA" XXVIII - Communication, Interaction, Influence

We invite contributors to submit papers for the next issue of the MASKA journal concerning themes presented below or other connected with such topics as communication, interaction, and influence.

Only English-language texts will be accepted for this edition.

Deadline: 30th September, 2015

Date of issue: 30th December, 2015

Papers (20.000-30.000 characters) with abstracts (500-800 characters) and recommendations from a faculty member holding a PhD degree attached should be sent by e-mail to:

Further information and editorial requirements can be found here.

MASKA is featured on the List of Scientific Journals of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. 3 points of academic achievement are granted for every paper published in our journal.

Proposed topics include:

- human communication as basic material for anthropological, linguistic, semiologic, social, and cultural studies,
- dialogue between us and Others, gender issues and minorities in law and social sciences,
- cultural issues and reality of politics,
- intercultural communication, cultural influences nowadays and in the past,
- clash of cultures – between influence and hegemony,
- interfaith dialogue, religious discourse and social issues,
- social change, action and reaction in social theory,
- the network and the rhizome in the media theory and social sciences,
- language communication and miscommunication,
- worldview as a creation of the language,
- communication in literature, visual arts, and dance, dialogue between author/performer and audience,
- translation as communication, dialogue between author, translator and reader,
- communication in the era of mass media,
- information and communication technologies, new models of perception and imaging,
- gamification and interactive systems of communication,
- non-human communication in posthumanities,
- dance as the form of communication,
- memory as a form of communication with the past,
- influence of the past: inheritance and tradition in the modern world,
- nonverbal communication.

Data opublikowania: 03.08.2015
Osoba publikująca: Piotr Waczyński