Academic Club of Comparative Studies of Civilisations

Academic Club of Comparative Studies of Civilisations operates from the second half of the 2005/2006 academic year and got registered in June, 2006. It associates about twenty students connected with the Cenre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations. We are concentrating on broadly defined conception of world's cultures, especially the ones which are faraway – in space and in ideological terms as well. Our members are interested in these cultural aspects of other cultures that involve their identity: religion, language, mentality, world view and in consequence their rituals and lifestyles. Our main point is to broaden our knowledge about various aspects of world's cultures and spread it further among people. Those aims are archived through many activities such as conferences, scientific panel discussions, slide shows and meetings with interesting persons. Our members have interdisciplinary interests which allows us to implement our policies using eventful and maverick projects. We are collaborating with many other Academic Clubs as well as international students organisations (ELSA- Cracow, AEGEE-Cracow). We are working under great care and discreet supervision of our tutor, dr Grażyna Bąkowska-Czerner.