The editors of MASKA strongly support the policy of ghostwriting, guest authorship and plagiarism (autoplagiarism) prevention.

Any form of the above mentioned dishonesty will be reported to the proper institutions. Such improper scientific practices will provide Editors with the right to ban the author from any future publications in MASKA.

A proof of the highest academic and editorial standards is the transparency of information regarding all authors engaged in writing each paper published in our magazine. In order to ensure such standard, the editors monitor ghostwriting, guest authorship and plagiarism (autoplagiarism) practices.

To counter such practices the following editorial rules have been set:

1. The person writing the article is to inform the editors via email about the planned percentage contribution of any of the authors. The applicant takes full responsibility for making a false declaration.

2. Editors have the right to demand disclosure of funding sources, financial contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities to the creation of the article. The information must be provided on demand. In case of refusal editors have the right to suspend the publication of the article.

3. Editors have the right to document, archives and disclose any forms of academic misconduct or violation of research ethic rules.