Numer XXIV: The other - Alien - Stranger

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Subashish Bhattacharjee
Infinity, Literality and the Other: Philosophy and the Othering of Samuel Beckett's „Godot"

John Czekalski
Belonging in South Africa: Nationality, Race and Religion in J.M. Coetzee's "Boyhood"

Anna Marynowska
The Cities and Aliens in George R.R. Martin's „A Song of Ice and Fire"

Izabela Pisarek
Emigration as an Experience of Strangeness – Lost and Found Eva Hoffman

Joanna Roś
Who is an Outsider? Marcin Bortkiewicz's Adaptation of „The Stranger" by Albert Camus

Marcin Sroczyński
From Dancing to Grieving. Homosexual Otherness in Andrew Holleran's novels

Szymon Pietrzykowski
Gay as a Stranger. Homosexuality during Fascism in Ettore Scola's "Una Giornata Particolare" ["A Special Day"]

Alicja Kowalczewska
Margery Kempe: Mysticism and the Problem of Identity and Sexuality of Medieval Women

Katarzyna Kleczkowska
Those Who Cannot Speak. Animals as Others in Ancient Greek Thought

Agnieszka Dudzik
Understanding Cultural Differences within the Context of Medical Encounters: Nonverbal Dimensions of Communication

Ruxandra Ana, Oskar Lubiński
Not Exotic Enough? Implications of the Duality of Cuban Foodways on the Tourist Market

Anna Drwal
Muslim as "Others" in India in the Debate about the Creation of a Unified Indian Nation

Jakub Morawski
The Gaze of the Other – Psychoanalytical Understanding of Productive Potential of Cinema

Joanna Puchalska
The Scourge of the Land and Sea – An Awful Outlaw or a Romantic Hero?