Numer XXVIII: Communication - Interaction - Influence

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Gregory Stephens
Foucault's New Clothes: Revisionist Perspectives

Agnieszka Sell
Poe – Hansson – Przybyszewski. The Wandering "Imp of the Perverse"

Justyna Dąbrowska
Gaze and Stare as Tools Expressing More than Words: Looking Interactions as a Means of Communication in Brian Friel's "Dancing at Lughnasa"

Izabela Bierowiec
An English Outsider in England – The Struggles of a Second-Generation Assimilationist Presented in Hanif Kureishis's Novel "The Buddha of Suburbia"

Ewelina Twardoch
Faces of the cultural conflict and "barbarism" in J. M. Coetzee's "Waiting for the Barbarians"

Anna Kuchta
Memory and influence. A story of trauma transmission in Anna Janko's "Mała Zagłada"

Łukasz Dziura
I am Right, You are Wrong. Evaluation of the "Exporting" of Morality Theory

Katarzyna Kleczkowska
Bird Communication in Ancient Greek and Roman Thought

Monika Sawicka
Of Roles And Gifts – Brazil's Quest For A Redefined Relationship With African States

Ewa Kobylecka
Religious Education in Polish Schools: Teachers' Intercultural Competence?

Justyna Górniak
Variety shows – a carnivalized platform of communication for the LGBTQ community in Japan

Szymon Pietrzykowski
Making Politics and TV News Entertaining: Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" as (Reflective) "Infotainment"

Kamila Midor
Navy Blues: How Contemporary American Sailors' Wives Cope with Separation or Losing Their Husbands to Sea by Finding Support on the Internet

Kamil Burski, Jaryna Smertyha
The influence of society on spatial planning in the commune – legal aspects