Numer XL: Origins - Beginnings - Genesis

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Magdalena Wąsowicz
On the idea of genesis and beginning

Alicja Neumann
Egyptian creation myths as examples of creatio ex deo doctrine – the philosophical approach

Szymon Jellonek
Foundation Scene on Coins of Mallus

Michał Wagner
The many origins of totemism. Critical analysis of theories of James G. Frazer, Émile Durkheim and Sigmund Freud

Natalia Zajączkowska
The Origin, Roles and Social Evaluation of the Caste System. A Case Study in Rural North India

Krzysztof Trnka
The Origins of a State. a Legal Perspective

Raiany Silva Romanni
The Myth of European Secularization – Origins and Aftermath

Stephen Ogheneruro Okpadah, Taiwo Afolabi Okunola
Politics, Theatre and Echoes of Separatism in Nigeria

Olga Barbasiewicz, Barbara Dzien-Abraham
Remembering the origins. Everyday life of Polish Jewish refugees’ children in Shanghai under Japanese occupation

Marcin Hanuszkiewicz
An Origin of Unknown Origin: On Unfamiliarity and Making Strange

Marcin Kosman
Humble beginnings or youthful arrogance: Vladimir Nabokov’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Justyna Dąbrowska
Created by Men and Reborn into a New World. Disability and Displacement in Brian Friel’s Molly Sweeney

Dominika Ciesielska
The birth of a contemporary myth – fan fiction as a myth-making practice accompanying the Harry Potter phenomenon

Joanna Ruczaj
Suicidal Career: The Specifics of the Emergence of Suicidal Tendencies in the Life Span