Numer XXXII: Memory

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Ewa Górska
Memory activism: methods of creation of alternative collective memory in former Yugoslavia and Israel

Monika Vakarelova
The Fictional Archives of Christian Boltanski

Anna Kuchta
In the clutches of (post)memory. A study of the relationship between mother and daughter in Bożena Keff’s Utwór o Matce i Ojczyźnie [A Piece on Mother and Motherland]

Agnieszka Kiejziewicz, Piotr Wajda
Remembering School Days Trauma. The Discourse on a Tragedy of Adolescence and the Mechanisms of Creating Bad Memories in Swedish and Japanese Cinematographies

Aleksandra Pytko
The power of memory and the (im)possibility of forgiveness in The Tempest (2003) directed by Krzysztof Warlikowski

Michał Madej
Remembering the Year 1066. A Mechanism of Creating King Harold Godwinson’s Image

Magdalena Lis
Significance of the reindeer for the identity and mythology of Reindeer Chukchi

Wojciech Rubiś
On cultural memory preserved in religious symbols, as exemplified in the work of Nadia Issa

Paulina Tendera
Recalling the songs of Beit HaMikdash: cantorial concerts at the Singer’s Warsaw Festivals

Szymon Jellonek
The memory of deceased members of Julio-Claudian dynasty revived on coins

Paulina Koczwara
Coins as the storages and the sites of memory. The case of gold Dacian staters with the KOΣΩN legend

Agnieszka Kiejziewicz
The importance of tools. Two days with tebori master